What would you say if we told you that it’s now easier than ever before to enjoy a fantastic looking hairstyle – at a fraction of the cost? With so many of the latest hair trends popping up on a monthly basis, it might be a top priority for you to stay on top of the hottest looks and fortunately for you, our team right here at Diving Plymouth have pulled out all of the stops to ensure that we present you with the best hairdressers that your area has to offer.

Who Are We Exactly?

Based in the bustling city of Plymouth, we are one of the UK’s leading hair salon comparison websites. Roughly eight years ago our two founders, Katy and Maria, decided that it was about time that people were given the best options when it came to their beauty therapies and hair treatments. We’ve been there – having to decide between a selection of salons and being faced with a difficult decision based on price and performance of particular hair treatment centres.

That’s when they decided to create DP and since then, we’ve gone on to offer our exclusive comparison and review services relating to hair care, therapies and everything in between!

About Our Team

With a team of 14 fully licensed and trained hair stylists, we pride ourselves on being able to recognise a good deal when we see one. Although we’re based in Plymouth, our hair services have spread far and wide and you’ll find information on salons as far away as London, Cornwall and even in Scotland.

Not only do we review other salons in a host of areas throughout the United Kingdom – we also offer our own exclusive mobile hair care services, too.

Our therapists are as world-class as they are affordable and whether you’re looking for information on salons in your area, or if you would prefer to book an expert for your next treatment; you are on the right website. We make it our priority to present our audience with the very best options at their disposal – and for those in the City of Plymouth, we’d be more than happy to minimise your stress and take care of your requirements, courtesy of our very own hair care specialists.

You can send us an email right now and our team will strive to get back to you within 24 hours. You can also give us a call using the phone number mentioned on our contact page to reach us directly. We are here to help with your next hair appointment, so why delay things any longer?