Motorbike Riding Safety Tips

Most people would find the thrill that comes with riding a new motorcycle hard to resist. While one is somewhat isolated from the environment when driving a car, motorbike riding is fun because one gets to feel the effects of speed. This is also what makes riding risky. There are a few safety tips that could be helpful, especially for new riders.

Dressing Properly

The first thing that one should consider is a helmet. This is vital to protect the rider from sustaining head injuries if they crash. It also offers protection from wind and bugs hitting their face at speed. It’s advisable to go for a full visor motorcycle helmet as opposed to a three-quarter for the best protection.

Though this seems innocuous at first glance, human instinct makes people put out their hands whenever they start to fall. Gloves will protect the skin from abrasion or even serious injuries in such cases. With a proper set of gloves, one can even walk away without even breaking their skin. A proper jacket, pair of trousers and boots are also essential. In the event of a serious accident, only leather can offer the protection one needs.

Watch out

A rider needs to be watchful in the direction where they’re headed. When entering a corner, it’s vital to turn one’s head and look through the turn to where they’re headed. This is important to ensure that one follows their lane to avoid getting in the way of opposing traffic.


If something suddenly pops into the road ahead or one wants to slow down for any reason, then they should never hit the front brakes first. This is especially important when riding fast. If one grabs the front brake at speed, it could turn disastrous. One needs to train their instincts to always use the rear brake first.

Smooth Riding

To ride safely, one needs to keep things smooth. This means avoiding tearing the throttle wide open or slamming the brakes. Smooth riding entails keeping both the rider and the bike balanced. One needs to know their limits and be aware of what kind of experience they have and how much.

With motorbike riding, each ride is a new opportunity to develop and refine the rider’s skills. For new riders, one needs to have an experienced colleague follow them. This means they can learn and improve by observing how their experienced friend handles themselves.